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About us

Listguy welcomes you.

Listguy.in is an I.T. Company established in 2001 started by young and experienced professionals.

We can help you generate more leads/enquiries for your business. We can help you execute target and relevant marketing solution for your business eventually generating more orders online or offline.

Listguy.in specializes in providing Database Marketing, SMS Marketing, Internet Marketing, Database Services, Web Design, Multimedia Presentations, E–Business Solutions & Total Software Solutions tailored to meet specific client needs.

Listguy.in offers the following services to achieve the above objectives:

Why is Listguy.in different from others marketing advertising agency?

1. Targeted demography to whom we are reaching to will be the people will be the potential leads; we are the people who will know your customer.

2. We believe in Quality more than Quantity.

3. You get higher responses from target customers.

4. Tailoured data for user.

5. Fresh Databases / lists / directories.

Database :

The databases we own are profiled and very granular as per targeted demographics. We have profiled our databases on the basis of many parameters such as income level, all locations in India, gender, marital status, age group, profession, designation and more. This profilations helps increase the conversion rate for any business, conversions can be seen happening at an increased rate. We regularly delete DND (Do not Disturb) numbers based on the regulations set by TRAI.

We are totally different from other Medias like print, television etc?

1. We don’t carry news papers and television with us every time.

2. Cost Effective.

3. Recall probability of SMS is high.

4. Youth of India is on Mobile and Web (They would be the decision makers).

5. People don’t have time to see TV or ads because they are on job.

6. You can keep it for you whole life.

7. Its very Permissive our Youth wants this.

We have Data like income level, all locations in India, gender, marital status, age group, profession, designation and more We are not only sending Emails or SMS We share with you Responsess also, The databases we own are very granular and profiled as per targeted demographics, The databases are regularly scrubbed of dnd (do not disturb) numbers based on the regulations set by trai.Using our services, we will help generate more enquiries and create more awareness for your business. These campaign packages have produced very good results for our other customers. We can also provide you costing based on your customized requirements.

If u have any product or website or looking for potential customers and lead generation or more registrations or sign up’s more enquiries do marketing with us you can mail us with u r requirement to : listguy.in@gmail.com We look forward to hearing from you; Feel free to ask any questions. Support Team:+91-9319051073

Listguy.in can be your one-stop resource for providing complete Marketing & Advertising solutions. We expand your business Unlimited and thats our opportunity.


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